How Much $$ Can I Make?

Many of our pieces sell remarkably well at 300% to over 600% retail mark up over direct cost!  That means a piece that costs you $40 in material to build can sell for $120 to $240. This is common!

To quote one of our Pro Furniture Builders... "I have tracked a lot of the work and have found, depending on the project, that I am averaging $40.00 to $80.00 per hour gross and sometimes more than that.

Before we started Pro Furniture Builders, our own retail web site brought in over $100,000 in 2007 and again in 2008. And that was without a store or a display room where potential customers could actually see our products before they purchased them.  They bought everything through our web site on blind faith. And they were not disappointed – ever! And now we refer all qualifying customers to you that come directly to us from your protected territory for only a 5% referral fee (all referrals must also be approved by the customer).

I must admit we had many people call that wanted to physically see and touch at least a few items so they could check out the quality of our construction and our finish.  But we had nothing to show them and therefore lost their business. Just imagine how much more money we could have made if we had a store or a display room!

Obviously we can't guarantee how much money you will make but we can help you realize your full potential. Remember, this is not a "get rich scheme" but rather a "work hard and make a good living" opportunity.

Low money down and FREE (0 %) Financing!

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